Contribute to the Docs

We encourage community contributions to our documentation. Help us improve!

If you see something in these pages that is incorrect or outdated, or if there is a section that’s missing that you would like to author, our goal is to empower you to help make these changes and additions.

This section will show you how to make changes to this documentation.

If you have experience with editing documentation stored in a repo on GitHub, the Quick setup (below) will probably be sufficient. For everyone else, please read the full Contributors Guide.

Quick setup

If you do have a basic familiarity around using command line tools and GitHub, then the process can be summarized down to the following steps.

  1. Install Hugo; Make sure the version is 0.93 or newer.
  2. Clone/fork the docs repository.
  3. From the root of the repository, run hugo serve, and open http://localhost:1313 in a browser.
  4. In a text editor, make any desired changes to the Markdown files inside the content/ directory.
  5. Save the files as you edit and the changes will be displayed in realtime in your browser.
  6. When you have the desired result, commit your changes to a new branch and submit a pull request.
  7. A member of the Pocket team will review the Pull Request, and may ask you to submit some revisions. If all looks good, your changes will be committed to the repo.

If you need more details about this process, please read the full Contributors Guide.