Contributing to the Documentation

If you’ve never worked with these kinds of tools before, that’s okay. The following pages are dedicated to walking you through how to accomplish all of these steps without assuming you’ve ever done this before.

We understand that the people who have a lot of valuable insight and information very often aren’t software developers, and we took this into consideration when selecting the technologies we did. We specifically focused on selecting the most accessible tools for someone who has never done any of these steps in the past.

The Short Version

If you do have a basic familiarity around using command line tools and GitHub, then the process can be summarized down to the following steps.

  1. Clone/fork this repository.
  2. Install hugo; Make sure the version is 0.93 or newer.
  3. From the root of the repository, run hugo serve, and open in a browser.
  4. From a text editor, make any desired changes to the file(s) in content/.
  5. As you edit, save the changes to the file to see the changes in your browser.
  6. When you have the desired result, submit a pull request of the changes.

If this is too condensed, the rest of the pages in this cover all of these steps in more detail.