About Pocket


Pocket is here to enable any application to connect effortlessly to the blockchain of their choice through a sustainably decentralized infrastructure. Developers can connect to blockchain nodes using Pocket SDKs, while Pocket Nodes are rewarded for coordinating the transactions in a reliable & collusion-resistant way. The current MVP (Minimum Viable Pocket) network state allows the team to gather network data to improve.

What's the difference between Pocket and Pocket Network?


Pocket is a series of open-source technologies that work together to allow apps to connect with blockchains.

Pocket Network

Pocket Network is the decentralized infrastructure of Pocket Nodes that provide services for applications to use any blockchains. These services are held accountable and monetized by the Pocket blockchain, enabling truly trustless interoperability between apps and blockchains.

Updated 6 months ago

About Pocket

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