Before you Dive in


Some of the things you need to know before you begin installing out Pocket Core CLI and configure a Pocket Node or Pocket Validator Node, you must meet the following prerequisites in order to continue:

  • Have basic knowledge of Linux/Mac OS
  • Basic Web architecture
  • Static IP address or domain name
  • SSL cert (self-signed not recommended)
  • Basic network principals
  • A process manager:
    • e.g: Systemd
  • Knowledge on implementing a reverse proxy using(but not limited to) one of the following:
    • Apache
    • Envoy
    • Ngnix
  • Basic knowledge with File descriptors


Need Help?

If you are a novice at setting up a node or setting up an environment for your node. We encourage you to look at one of our helpful guides to learn how to set up certain configurations for your node.

Hardware Requirements:

The base node hardware requirements are:

CPU: 2 CPU’s (or vCPU’s)
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Disk: 50GB
is the minimum HDD requirement

  • Blockchain is expected to grow 154 GB a year given our 15 minutes(4 MB blocks) and this space to increase based on your node's logging configuration.



The RAM requirement could vary, depending on network load and relays processed, we will be releasing more details on this process at a later date.

Next Step:

Learn more about each node in our node breakdown and our node reference guide to understand how the nodes work and interact on the protocol.

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Before you Dive in

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