Create A Pocket Node

Use this quick start to set up your Pocket node and make it a Full Node.


Before you begin configuring your Pocket Node, you'll need to have configured the following:

Create or Import an Account:

Every node needs an account in order to connect to the Pocket Network. To create or import an account, enter:

pocket accounts create
$  pocket accounts import-raw <private key>

Whether you've created or imported an account, it will prompt you to enter a passphrase that will be used to locally encrypt your private key and generate a success message(see below):

Account generated successfully:
Address: 45D50DB64E90C0109C778DAAB7EF36676FC03866
Account imported successfully:

Lastly, you will need to set the account as a validator address to sets the main validator account so you can register your address on the network.

pocket accounts set-validator 45D50DB64E90C0109C778DAAB7EF36676FC03866

Start Up A Pocket Node:

To start your pocket node, simply enter in:

pocket start

Once you complete the prompts, you will see a running instance of your pocket node:

example screen

And you're all done! To learn more about how you can interact with your node, view our CLI reference page.

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Create A Pocket Node

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