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What is Pocket Network?

Pocket is a distributed network that relays data requests and responses to and from any blockchain. Pocket proportionally rewards the participating nodes with native cryptographic tokens POKT.

How do I get my Pocket Node status?

# Make sure you're node is connected to the network by executing:
curl http://<your node ip>:26657/status

# Lookout for latest_block_height and latest_block_time to make sure it's updated to the current time in UTC.

# Example output
  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "id": "",
  "result": {
    "node_info": {
      "protocol_version": {
        "p2p": "7",
        "block": "10",
        "app": "0"
      "id": "4930289621aefbf9252c91c4c729b7f685e44c4b",
      "listen_addr": "tcp://",
      "network": "pocket-testet-playground",
      "version": "0.32.7",
      "channels": "4020212223303800",
      "moniker": "pocket-core-testnet-55f59f6c8-5njbx",
      "other": {
        "tx_index": "on",
        "rpc_address": "tcp://"
    "sync_info": {
      "latest_block_hash": "090C3B9C3B9F1BB10C6825D5230A45759E19A9BCC1503B80314F93B69162C712",
      "latest_app_hash": "AB5838AA434FD36B48B759E62C596F4145F4C086B07FB45D2CCFCFFF21F5F937",
      "latest_block_height": "49",
      "latest_block_time": "2020-02-10T23:17:59.161691821Z",
      "catching_up": false
    "validator_info": {
      "address": "4930289621AEFBF9252C91C4C729B7F685E44C4B",
      "pub_key": {
        "type": "tendermint/PubKeyEd25519",
        "value": "9i9322nUSMG1bzVAxjPylNI8za8AK/azdtBYoAtRz6o="
      "voting_power": "1000"

How to fund a wallet?

To fund the wallet, go to the Pocket Faucet and copy your application address into the address field and click Get Testnet POKT:

Pocket Faucet

Pocket Faucet

What is the minimum staking amount for a developer?

The minimum staking amount for any developers must stake a minimum of 1 POKT token. After the wallet has been staked, it will be locked for 21 days.

What blockchain networks I can connect my DApp to?

You can connect your application (or DApp) to any blockchain as long as a node on the network is supporting it to see supported networks, click here.

Does Pocket offer other SDKs for iOS or Android app?

As of now Pocket does not support any iOS or Android SDKs, but rest assured we are working on getting those ready and deployed! Stay up to date with the latest information and announcements here.

What network(s) is currently running on Pocket?

To see what blockchains are currently supported on the Pocket Network, click here.

Any Requirements for Setting up a Node?

The requirements for setting up a node are:

  • 1 vCPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 20 GB storage (taking into consideration OS space plus growth of the blockchain)

With an applicable minimal instance type:

  • t2.micro

Any comparable hardware will work. Pocket Network remains neutral to the hardware utilized by Service Nodes.

Keep in mind that each of the supported blockchain networks has different hardware requirements to run a full node and may require more advanced setups then needed to serve Pocket’s blockchain.

Does My Blockchain Node Need to be Synced before I start my Pocket Node?

Every node on the Pocket Network needs to have the most up to date information of the blockchain they are supporting.If incorrect data is being returned, then your node will be slashed. For example, if you just started a Bitcoin(BTC) node and its not caught up to the current block on the BTC network, and you then connect it to your Pocket Node to start servicing request while your etc is being caught up, you will be slashed and jailed if contested.

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