Install Pocket Core CLI

Pocket Core offers a Command Line Interface (CLI) that you will need to manage your node's wallet, stake tokens, start your Pocket Node, and other services to help maintain your Node. You can begin using the Pocket Core CLI after you have downloaded and configured it on your computer (or server) by either downloading the Binary or Docker file to configure your environment.



The following sections and steps are being shown to act as a reference of how your node should be configured and you should use your own tools, and knowledge to properly configure your node's environment. We are not liable for any slashing or jailing that may occur due to a misconfiguration


Installing using Homebrew:

On a Mac or Linux, to install Pocket-Core using Homebrew just run the following commands in your terminal:

brew tap pokt-network/pocket-core
brew install pokt-network/pocket-core/pocket

# (Optional) 
# Once installed, refresh your terminal screen to incorporate the installation

And that's it!

Building from Source

Before we download the binary, you'll need to install the cleveldb dependency:

# For linux: 
apt-get update && apt-get install -y libleveldb-dev build-essential

# For mac OSX
brew install leveldb

Open up your shell(or terminal) and download the Pocket Core repo from GitHub in the destination directory of your choosing.

# using git clone: 
git clone

# using curl:
curl -LJO

# using wget:
wget --no-check-certificate --content-disposition

After the repo has been downloaded, go into the pocket-core folder and swap the latest release candidate: 0.5.0:

git checkout tags/RC-0.5.0

After you have swapped to the latest release candidate, build your binary and add it to your PATH down below.

# First make sure you have $GOPATH setup
echo $GOPATH

# Example output on MacOS
/Users/<your username>/go

# Inside the pocket-core folder, build your pocket binary and put it in the $GOPATH/bin directory
go build -tags cleveldb -o $GOPATH/bin/pocket ./app/cmd/pocket_core/main.go

Last, we're going to navigate to our $HOME directory and run:

mkdir -p .pocket/config && cd .pocket/config; curl -O

Your CLI is now built and ready to go!

Test your installation

To test your installation, we are going to check our CLI version. In the terminal, enter:

pocket version

# returns

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Install Pocket Core CLI

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