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Why Pocket?

Pocket offers a network that was built to NOT have a single point of failure. What does that mean? Some blockchain networks are running off of a few well-known server providers, meaning, if server provider "X" goes down, so does a percentage of that network which in turn raises network cost and fees to send transactions or data. With Pocket, we offer our node operators a suite of deployment artifacts to get their node up and running in a range of environments so they set it up at home, online, or on another remote server. This allows us to always keep our fees low as well as the network operational.

Want to Integrate?

Pocket was built to integrate into any new or existing application. Whether you would like your application to run on a decentralized network or give your application the ability to connect to multiple blockchains at once, we are here to help. If you have any questions or comments, reach out to us on our Discord server.

Using Our Pocket JS Library

Our Pocket JS library provides the means to send a relay through the Pocket Network connecting you to your desired blockchain. Click here to learn how to send a relay.

Understanding Types of Relays

There are two types of relays your application can send out using our libraries:

Basic Relay:

A basic relay sends one relay out to the network, and the library will return you the majority answer out of the number of nodes you choose to have in your session.

This way is quicker and requires little to no effort on your end.

Consensus Relay:

Consensus Relay is used for nodes that require precise data and data validation, so instead of sending one relay and returning the majority response, a consensus relay does two things:

  1. Sends 5 relays and grabs proper responses with the correct data

  2. Sends a challenge relay to the protocol for the minority nodes sending incorrect data to be tried and contested.

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Integrate Your Application

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