Learn How Staking Works

Pocket is a proof-of-stake (POS) network that allows every Pocket Node not only secure, but also, to validate the network and service relays an application sends out. As an incentive for being a good actor and servicing application requests, every service node will be rewarded in the native POKT token.

How Can I Stake My Pocket Node?

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What Is the Staking Minimum?

During Testnet the minimum amount needed to run a Pocket Node is 1 POKT token for nodes. The Pocket Faucet gives you 1000 POKT tokens, so we recommended you stake at least 50(50000000 upokt) POKT on the network to have reserve tokens if you're ever slashed(jailed).

Can I have Multiple Blockchain Nodes Running on My Pocket Node?

Whether it is one or five, the Pocket Node can handle however many blockchain nodes you are running! Read how you can connect multiple blockchain nodes.

Being Jailed(or slashed):

To be jailed means that your node has been slashed for bad behavior, and your Pocket Node will be taken off the network for a period of time.

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Learn How Staking Works

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