Node Scalability

As the network scales and increases in size and relays, your node needs to keep up both vertically and horizontally.

Vertical Scaling:


Calculating The Resources Needed

There is no exact formula to calculate the resources needed to scale your node but you can start with the items outlined below as a reference.

Depending on your servers setup, whether VPS or personal server, you would need to scale your server by increasing the following:

  • RAM
  • CPU(or vCPU)
  • HDD(or SSD)



Pocket blockchain is est to scale at 154 GB's a year in block data

Horizontal Scaling:

As of now(in RC-0.5.0) one method that you can do is to stake across multiple full or validator nodes.

Example: Instead of staking one validator node 30,000 POKT, split it up into two portions and stake two validator nodes instead of one.



Always make sure you have a buffer amount in case your node gets jailed/slashed

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Node Scalability

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