Pocket Node Binary Setup

This guide is to help get you started configuring a Pocket Node using the Pocket Core CLI. If you would like to use Docker for easier deployment then click here.


Staking your Pocket Node:

Before your node can begin relaying data on the network, you need to stake the first account you have created(or imported) before you can relay data.

Start Your Pocket Node

You need to connect to the network in order to send the staking transaction. To do so, open up a new Terminal window and start your node by entering:

$   Pocket start

Now that we are connected to the network, let's stake the account that is registered with our node.

# fromAddr: The address of the account that is staking the node
# amount: The amout you want to stake(minumum is 15,000 POKT
# chains: A comma separated list of chain Network Identifiers(see: https://docs.pokt.network/docs/connecting-your-service-node-to-a-blockchain
# serviceURI: The Service URI of your Pocket Node that applications will use to communicate with your node for relays.

$ pocket nodes stake <fromAddr> <amount> <chains> <serviceURI> 

Starting Pocket Node

Once you are ready to run your node, grab a dispatcher address from the list and enter:

$  pocket start --seeds="<node address>@<dispatch URL address>:26657"

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Pocket Node Binary Setup

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