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As your Pocket node is syncing and processing thousands of connections, you will need to allow your server to be able to process the connections by dedicating resources to be able to handle the load.



The following sections and steps are being shown to act as a reference of how your node should be configured and you should use your own tools, and knowledge to properly configure your node's environment. We are not liable for any slashing or jailing that may occur due to a misconfiguration

How Do I Calculate the "ulimit"?

To calculate the ulimit, you will have to define a few parameters as shown below:

({ulimit -Sn} >= {MaxNumInboundPeers} + {MaxNumOutboundPeers} + {GRPCMaxOpenConnections} + {MaxOpenConnections} + {Desired Concurrent Pocket RPC connections} + {100 (Constant number of wal, db and other open files)}


  • ulimit -Sn: = is a soft number of open files that need to be open
  • GRPCMaxOpenConnections = is the number of RPC connections connections your node can relay
  • MaxOpenConnections = max number of connections you want your node to service

You will need to increase your ulimit to the calculated number. To do so, go into your .bashrc in your $HOME dir and enter:

ulimit -Sn 16384

Once you save your file, enter:

source ~/.bashrc

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Systems File Descriptors

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