Supported Blockchains

Pocket can be made to work with any network/blockchain (RelayChain) that uses the RPC standard.

Current RelayChains

The following table shows the full list of supported, reward-generating RelayChains. This list should be identical to the SupportedBlockchains parameter.

NamePortal API PrefixRelayChainID
Arbitrum Onearbitrum-one0066
AVAX Archivalavax-archival00A3
BOBA Mainnetboba-mainnet0048
Binance Smart Chainbsc-mainnet0004
Binance Smart Chain (Archival)bsc-archival0010
Celo Mainnetcelo-mainnet0065
DFKchain Subnetavax-dfk03DF
Dogechain Mainnetdogechain-mainnet0059
Ethereum Mainneteth-mainnet0021
Ethereum Mainnet Archivaleth-archival0022
Ethereum Mainnet Archival with trace callseth-trace0028
Ethereum Mainnet High Gasethereum-mainnet-high-gas0062
Evmos Mainnetevmos-mainnet0046
Fantom Mainnetfantom-mainnet0049
Fuse Archivalfuse-archival000A
Gnosis Chain Mainnetgnosischain-mainnet0027
Gnosis Chain Archivalgnosischain-archival000C
Goerli Archivalgoerli-archival0063
Harmony Shard 0harmony-00040
IoTeX Mainnetiotex-mainnet0044
Kava Mainnetkava-mainnet0071
Kava Mainnet Archivalkava-mainnet-archival0072
Klaytn Mainnetklaytn-mainnet0056
Meter Mainnetmeter-mainnet0057
Metis Mainnetmetis-mainnet0058
Moonbeam Mainnetmoonbeam-mainnet0050
Moonriver Mainnetmoonriver-mainnet0051
NEAR Mainnetnear-mainnet0052
OKC MainnetoKc-mainnet0047
Oasys Mainnetoasys-mainnet0070
Oasys Mainnet Archivaloasys-mainnet-archival0069
Optimism Mainnetoptimism-mainnet0053
Osmosis Mainnetosmosis-mainnet0054
Pocket Network Mainnetmainnet0001
Polygon Maticpoly-mainnet0009
Polygon Matic Archivalpoly-archival000B
Polygon Mumbaipolygon-mumbai000F
Polygon zkEVM Mainnetpolygon-zkevm-mainnet0074
Scroll Testnetscroll-testnet0075
Starknet Mainnetstarknet-mainnet0060
Starknet Testnetstarknet-testnet0061
Sui Mainnetsui-mainnet0076
Swimmer Network Mainnetavax-cra03CB
Velas Mainnetvelas-mainnet0067
Velas Mainnet Archivalvelas-mainnet-archival0068

Pocket Testnet RelayChains

The following table shows the full list of currently-supported blockchains on the Pocket Testnet.

Ethereum Goerli0020
Ethereum Rinkeby0022
Ethereum Ropsten0023
Pocket Network Testnet0002

Adding a New RelayChain

Pocket Network is expandable, and is continually adding support for new chains.

Individuals interested in bringing a new RelayChain to Pocket Network are encouraged to advocate for chains to be considered by reaching out on Discord and posting a suggestion to our team. Join our Discord.

In order for a RelayChain to be successfully deployed with Pocket, the node running community will need to support the chain. So a chain that is easier to deploy, sync, and maintain, has helpful documentation, and provides stable nodes, will all tend to increase the likelihood of the chain being approved. Pocket Network aims to give the community of node runners sufficient notice to deploy their nodes with that chain to ensure a level playing field before making a determination to support the chain.

Once the determination has been made to support a new RelayChain, the RelayChainID will be added to the SupportedBlockchains parameter, meaning that nodes will earn POKT for every request that they relay for the RelayChain based on the RelaysToTokensMultiplier parameter.

For more information, please see PIP-6.2: Settlers of New Chains.