We have created a public Harmony RPC endpoint for applications and end-users to utilize!

To get started connecting to Pocket’s infrastructure for Harmony Mainnet Shard 0, do the following:

  1. Click on the Networks drop-down menu, then press Custom RPC
  2. Under the Network Name field, write Harmony Mainnet 0 POKT Portal
  3. Within the New RPC URL field, copy and paste this endpoint URL https://harmony-0-rpc.gateway.pokt.network
  4. Put the decimal 1666600000 in the ChainID field
  5. Write ONE as the Symbol
  6. Add https://explorer.harmony.one as the Block Explorer URL
  7. Don’t forget to save

Use the provided RPC URL of Shard 0 if you want to send/receive transactions from exchanges or do any staking transaction type.

For information on how to use Metamask with Harmony, please reference Harmony’s documentation.