How It Works

Architecture overview

During MVP, an application interacts with the blockchain by getting a list of available nodes from the Trusted Dispatch Node. The Dispatch Node checks its internal whitelist of Service Nodes. Once the Service Node gets the request, it is sent to the specified blockchain and returns the raw response back to the application.

Main components

Client-Side Plugins

Client-side plugins make it simple for developers to connect their iOS, Android, or Web app to the blockchain of their choice. The iOS, Android, and Javascript plugins bundle all the tools necessary for interacting with any blockchain through the Pocket network of nodes. This allows us to condense most of their key functionalities into preconfigured functions in our Pocket lib that your application can easily call. Some of these functions allow you to:

  • Create an account.
  • Import an account.
  • Send transactions.
  • Query data from a specific blockchain.

This reduces a process that typically takes a few hours to complete, down to just minutes. Click here to learn how to get access to the system.

Pocket also offers a client-side Core SDK for any developer who wishes to create their own plugin to connect to a network not yet supported by the Pocket team.

Note: Keep in mind that you need Service Nodes running that blockchain in order to send requests.

Trusted Dispatch Node

The Dispatch Node is the initial gateway that an application talks to before it communicates with a blockchain network. The Dispatch Node is controlled by the Pocket team, and contains a whitelist of all of the Service Nodes and their supported networks.

Service Node

Service Nodes execute application requests by sending requests to the desired blockchain. During MVP, when a Service Node comes online for the first time, it is given a GID by the Pocket team, and signals which blockchain it is servicing, directly to the Dispatch Node

To contribute to the network as a Service Node, start by installing Pocket Core and use the provided automation tools. The Pocket Core application contains the core functionalities that nodes need to operate properly for everyone in the ecosystem. Those functionalities are:

  • A routing system to send requests to the appropriate blockchain.
  • Automated registration and un-registration into the Trusted Dispatch Node system.
  • Automated tooling that’s compatible with existing infrastructure solutions, both cloud, and on-premises.
  • A simple configuration to connect your Pocket Core node to any existing blockchain infrastructure node using an HTTP interface.

Click here to learn how to register as a Service Node in the network.

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How It Works

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