Wrapping Walkthrough

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To wrap your POKT you'll be required to sign 2 transactions, first to deposit your POKT and then to mint your wPOKT. We recommend you keep the modal open and stay in the app until both transactions have been confirmed. If you leave the app before both transactions complete, they will remain pending until you return and finish them.

Video Walkthroughs

Bridging Process

Wrapping POKT requires that you bridge your tokens from the POKT network to the Ethereum network.


Minting Process

Written Guide on wrapping $POKT

For this tutorial, we’ll use a Ledger Nano S for POKT, and MetaMask for wPOKT. Another option for POKT is NodeWallet.

  1. Go to http://wpokt.network and connect your Pocket Wallet using your Ledger.


  1. Then, connect your Ethereum Wallet; we’re using MetaMask.


  1. Time to wrap some POKT! If you’re experienced, you may feel comfortable wrapping a larger amount, but we recommend testing with a small amount.

    Input the amount of POKT you want to wrap. Click ‘Wrap’ and follow the prompt to sign and approve the transaction on your ledger.


  1. After that, the transaction enters the bridge mode, which takes another 5-10 minutes. We keep waiting. 🧘


If you accidentally (or purposefully) close the page, simply reconnect both wallets (using the same applications). You’ll be prompted to continue the process where you left off.

Adding wPOKT Token Contract to your MetaMask Wallet

You’ll need to add the Token contract address to your Metamask wallet if it doesn’t import automatically:0x67F4C72a50f8Df6487720261E188F2abE83F57D7

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