Privacy & anonymity

We believe in balance between the public nature of voting and a right to privacy. This upgrade provides an opportunity for anyone wishing to have more privacy when voting by following the instructions below. The steps you can take to remain anonymous are:

  1. Use an anonymous Ethereum Wallet. Wallets addresses with ENS usernames are beyond our control to keep private. Any Ethereum wallet will be observable on-chain but will not be directly identifiable to you personally if you use an anonymous Ethereum address. Please note that whatever Ethereum address you use, it must be the same one linked to your Gitcoin Passport to meet the Personhood requirements set by the DAO.

  2. Use an un-identifying Username. Our credential provider uses a system of Private Data Assets (PDAs). This means that your private data and credentials are hidden behind this username and that for voting in our DAO, only your Ethereum wallet and Gateway Username are linked and visible. Do not create an identifying gateway Username if you want to remain private, as this will be linked and visible for verification. Here is an example of what will be publicly available.

In the interests of fairness, we want to provide the same privacy opportunity to both OG DAO Voters (migrating to the new system) as well as new DAO citizens/voters. New Citizens can simply complete the steps above to secure privacy in voting (as well as complete the relevant quests as outlined here). OG voters who want privacy must also complete the Citizen quests to ensure their anonymity. Further details are included in the Migration section.

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