Bounties are tasks that meet specific Pocket Network needs. They can be scoped by the Foundation, the Protocol Team, the DAO, or anyone working on POKT projects.

Inspired by dework, these tasks are a great way for newcomers to Pocket Network to show Proof of Impact in the community. We see them as a path to more opportunities. You can start with small bounty tasks, use what you learn to progress to Quick Grants for your ideas, and eventually become a core contributor with funding from the DAO.

Individuals or teams who want to create bounties are encouraged to use the template at the foot of this post and paste it into a new topic under Ideas in the Forum. The Foundation will review it along with any community input, and if it's determined to be a good spend for the DAO, it will be opened up as a bounty.

Bounties are managed in a Discord channel under the Public Collaborations category.

Bounty Details

Bounty Types

There are three bounty types:

  • Open to Applications

    • Interested contributors have to apply for the bounty, and whoever has opened it, will review the applications and assign it. There can be one or multiple winners.

  • Multiple Submissions

    • Anyone who wants to contribute can submit the requested deliverable without having to apply first. The person who creates the bounty should stipulate if there will be one or multiple winners.

  • Assigned

    • Used to assign a bounty directly to a contributor (could be a small job created in direct talks with PNF and is constituted as a bounty to enable public tracking of performance and payment)

Bounty Status

An OPEN bounty means applications or deliverables (work submissions/materials) are still being accepted.

A CLOSED bounty is locked and closed for applications or deliverables.

Bounty Submission

All materials must be delivered within the bounty board post, or if applicable, linked to it (e.g. a Google Drive folder, a URL, a Notion page).

Submissions must meet all requirements or they’ll be automatically disqualified. All requirements should be CLEARLY LABELED and easily identified.

The person who created the bounty is responsible for approval of the submissions.

Bounty Payments

Bounty payments are targeted for Mondays, within 10 days of bounty approval. As they're made manually by a Foundation team that works all over the globe, the payments might run a day or two late.

Bounty Eligibility

Currently bounties are open to anyone and are a great way to start contributing with minimal barrier to entry. However, in future we may require participants to first acquire DAO citizenship.

Bounty Template

This is a template. Please feel free to modify to fit your specific case. Copy-paste into a new topic post under Ideas in the Forum; you'll need to manually bold headings.


[Detailed description of the work to be done]


[choose one, and single or multiple winners]

  • Assign Someone

  • Open to Applications

  • Multiple Submissions


Bounty hunters must meet the qualifications to be eligible.

[Any qualifications of bounty hunters here, such as DAO citizenship, skills, or reputation.]


Work performed must satisfy all requirements.

[Include any deliverable requirements such as specs for visual designs, length or format.]


[Due date, if applicable]

Bounty wPOKT value

[choose one]

  • Fixed Budget of X wPOKT

  • Open to Bids

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