How to Use Karma GAP

Guide to Karma GAP

We use Karma GAP (Grantee Accountability Protocol) to track work and measure impact of Quick Grants and to administer Maintainer roles.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Once your Quick Grant or Maintainer role has been approved, you’ll have to add the information on your grant or role on the Karma GAP ("Karma") platform. You’ll need a tiny amount of ETH to pay for set-up on the Optimism network (typically under $0.50 per transaction).

Log in to Karma with the ETH wallet where you’ll be receiving payment.

Create your project. Click the "New Project" button in the header and enter your project's name and description. If it's a team project, add the names of your team members. You can choose to add other details such as your Twitter and Github usernames and relevant links.

Execute an on-chain transaction. To register your project, you’ll need to approve a blockchain transaction and pay the transaction fee.

Add Grant. From your project page, navigate to the “Grants” tab. You will see a button to “Add a New Grant”; click it. In the form to add a grant, there is a community drop-down menu; select POKT.

Give your grant a title prefaced by "POKT Quick Grant" (i.e., "POKT Quick Grant: Your Grant Name"). You'll also need a description and start date. For the description, provide a one-sentence summary. You can choose to enter the amount of your grant and a link to the related proposal in the POKT forum.

Add Grant Details on Overview. In the overview subpage, provide details of the planned work and grant objectives (you can copy/paste from your proposal in the POKT forum).

NOTE: As there’s no option in Karma to create a Maintainer role, you’ll need to set it up as a grant.

There are spaces for provision of impact criteria and other data listed below. While Karma notes all of this information as optional, your answers to the first three questions are needed for Pocket Network Foundation's monthly reviews of your grant and continued grant support:

  1. How should the success of your grant be measured?

  2. What is the intended direct impact of your project on the ecosystem? (Clearly describe how this grant supports our 2024 ambitions).

  3. What is the long-term impact of your grant?

  4. How will receiving a grant enable you to foster growth or innovation in the ecosystem?

  5. How will the grant funds be used?

  6. What is the timeframe for the work funded?

Create Milestones. For Quick Grants these are mandatory. On the same page where you create your grant, there’s an option - before you create the grant - to add a milestone. A title is required; a description and start and finish dates are optional. In creating milestones, make sure to do the following:

  • Define Clear Objectives: Each milestone should have a clear, measurable objective that corresponds to a significant phase or achievement of the project. This could be the completion of a development sprint, reaching a certain number of users, or publishing a research paper.

  • Link Milestones to Specific Deliverables: Ensure that each milestone has associated deliverables. These could be reports, product features, or any quantifiable output that indicates progress.

For the life of your Quick Grant, you'll need to update your milestones monthly by the first of the month.

Maintainers should create milestones where it accords with the nature of their work.

Execute an on-chain transaction. Once you’ve filled in the desired information, click “Save” to create your grant. This triggers a blockchain interaction transaction and fee.

After you’ve created your grant, you can modify it by clicking on “Edit Grant.” To change a milestone that’s already been posted, you’ll have to delete and repost (there’s no option to edit). Editing and deleting incur transaction fees.

Post Regular Updates. At the end of every month, you must self-report on your Quick Grant progress under “Milestones and Updates." Evaluate your work against the milestones you establish for your grant. Impact is what you will be graded on; it will determine if your Quick Grant remains open.

Maintainers also must report at the end of the month on work progress. They can do so under "Grant Update" or, if they've set milestones, under "Milestones and Updates."

While all contributors must provide monthly updates, they also have the option of doing so at shorter intervals.

Make sure to save a copy of any updates you intend to publish on Karma in case you have to re-enter them (e.g., if there's an error and the save transaction doesn't complete).

For a great example of how to set up a project and grant, see the Develop DAO project and its "Simplify Infrastructure Deployments and Operations" grant.

PNF Can Do Initial Setup

As Pocket Network Foundation (PNF) has admin control, you could request it to set up your grant or Maintainer role on Karma with bare-bones information using the ETH address noted in your Quick Grant or Maintainer role application.

You would then claim your grant by logging in with the same ETH address. Click “My Project” in the header, then in the left sidebar select the grant. Next, using the “Edit Grant” function beside your grant, flesh out your grant description, and add any non-mandatory detail and milestones.

Video Tutorial

Karma made a tutorial on project and grant creation. (Although created for Arbitrum, it's the same process you’ll need to follow.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Karma GAP? Karma Gap is a platform that facilitates grantee accountability and transparency by enabling grantees to manage projects, post updates, and engage with community reviewers.

How does using Karma GAP benefit grantees? The platform enhances visibility, offers community feedback, and improves chances for future grants by providing a structured way to show progress and engage with stakeholders. By making details of your work public along with its impact and others’ assessments, Karma enables grantees to build reputation across Web 3.

How does a grantee profile on Karma GAP assist grant applicants? A fully completed grantee profile showcases the grantee’s past and current projects. This enhances their credibility and reputation, thereby increasing the success chances of future grant applications.

How are milestones used in Karma GAP? Milestones are used to mark the stages of your project as set out in your grant application or established afterward. You can add milestones to demonstrate progress, manage expectations, and release funding tranches based on milestone completion.

How is information on Karma GAP about a grantee's work validated? Currently, confirmation of work done is based on attestation by the grantee and verification by the grant program manager (PNF).

I still don’t know what I’m doing. Feel free to ask questions in the quick-grants channel in Discord for help.

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