Welcome, emerging DAOist and prospective Biohacker. The journey to augment your capabilities within the Pocket DAO and fortify our mission commences now. Become recognized as a Biohacker by securing 2 out of the 3 augments listed below. Document your achievements in the 🏆trophies channel and command !become-biohacker.

Biohacker Augments


Author any successful proposal


Successfully obtain a vote.


Challenge an action successfully.

Note: The Sentinel quest is not attainable at the moment as the proposal challenge system is pending activation.

Your augmentation prowess is commendable, yet to evolve into a Cyborg, attain 3 out of the 5 augments outlined below. Provide evidence of your progress in the 🏆trophies channel and input !become-cyborg.

Cyborg Augments


Author and pass a PIP (not counting Anode quest completion).


Author and pass a PUP (not counting Anode quest completion).


Author and pass a PEP (not counting Anode quest completion).


Author and pass a constitutional amendment.


Participate in the Aragon Court.

Note: Participation in the Aragon Court is currently unavailable as it is not yet live.

You are on the brink of reaching a transcendent state within our cybernetic collective. To embrace the Singularity, complete all the augments across each rank in the Governor path, and then issue the !become-singularity command to potentially unlock boundless influence.

Singularity Augments


Author and pass 3 PEPs (beyond the achievements of previous quests).


Author and pass 3 PUPs (beyond the achievements of previous quests).


Author and pass 3 PIPs (beyond the achievements of previous quests).


Author 3 constitutional amendments (beyond previous quests) or successfully challenge 3 actions.

Note: The challenging actions portion of this quest is presently inaccessible as the proposal challenge system has yet to be implemented.

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