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We're building the RPC Base Layer to underpin Web3 with access to Unstoppable Open Data.


The project started in 2017, when ETH was in its first bull run.
At that time c.90% of relays were running through one centralized RPC service. Web3 needed a decentralized alternative. We started building DePIN long before DePIN got cool.
As of today, we have served over 650bn data requests for over 40 blockchains, using a global network of c.17k nodes distributed across 22 different countries.

So what?

Infrastructure is one of the places where decentralization unlocks big performance benefits.
Like 👇
At really low costs:
And all while protecting your privacy:
Our Gateways may temporarily hold IP address in an ephemeral database but do not store it in any persistent database. After 10 seconds of inactivity, the IP address is deleted.
We don’t store anything else.

Sound good?
Get RPCs.
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