Host a Gateway

Why Host a Gateway?

Decentralizing your node operations brings huge benefits but it is challenging.

Instead, you can unlock the same benefits by building your services on top of our decentralized network of c.15 k nodes, 66% on bare metal, in 22 countries, and with dozens of independent hardware operators.

With the Shannon Upgrade (targeted to deploy to MainNet late Q2 2024), the ability to deploy a Gateway to POKT Network will be fully permissionless.

In the meantime, POKT Network Foundation is working with a group of high potential Early Access partners. Partners are selected based on potential contribution to protocol revenue, innovation, and values alignment.

Alternatively, you can explore the Gateway-as-a-Service option offered by both Grove and Nodies. Using Gateway-as-a-Service, you can white-label their services while maintaining your own frontend.

Who should host a POKT Network Gateway?

Some situations in which it makes sense to host your own POKT Network gateway:

  • You have an existing RPC business and want to tap into the cost, uptime, scalability, and wide range of chains that POKT Network offers.

  • You are a developer tooling service and want to add RPC services to your existing offering.

  • You are a developer community, blockchain foundation, or any other community or organization that wants to maintain RPC service as a public good for its members.

  • You have a strong existing developer-focused brand or distribution channel that you can better monetize by selling RPC services.

  • You care about decentralization and self-sovereignty and want to interact with POKT Network's decentralized network of nodes without an intermediary.

What are you options for hosting a Gateway?

There are a few different options, depending on timing and your resources.

These include:

  • Gateway-as-a-Service: white-label the services of one of our existing Gateways. Maintain your own frontend and let the gateway provide familiar RPC endpoints on the backend, including QoS optimizations, monitoring, alerts, and other value-add features.

  • Early Access Gateway Program: use the open source POKT Gateway Server to easily deploy your own Gateway and connect directly to the protocol. Until the Shannon upgrade, access is available only via the Early Access program.

  • Permissionless Gateway: register your interest to become a gateway once the Shannon upgrade is complete in 2024 and we'll keep you notified of developments.

Here are some considerations for you when choosing an option:



  • Quick and easy: minimal learning curve and minimal up-front resources required

  • No requirement to pay in POKT (gateways accept USD/crypto)

  • Outsource all backend infrastructure, QoS optimizations, and other value-add features

  • Dependent on another gateway operator

  • Higher costs vs direct protocol access

Early Access Gateway Program

  • Lowest cost to access: $0.85 per million relays

  • Fully customizable - integrate with your stack

  • Easy deployment of open source POKT Gateway Server

  • Full support from Foundation and POKT Network Community

  • Need to build and maintain your own stack

Permissionless Gateway

Everything in Full Stack Early Access plus:

  • Frictionless onboarding

  • Self-sovereign - zero dependence on other organizations

Everything in Full Stack Early Access plus:

  • Need to wait until the Shannon upgrade in 2024

There's nothing stopping you from starting with one option then evolving to another! For example, you could use Gateway-as-a-Service while you focus on your frontend, then swap out your backend for the self-hosted Gateway Kit.

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