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We are Nodies, a web3 infrastructure company, and we are pleased to offer RPC services powered by POKT Network to all developers. Our platform empowers developers with highly performant, reliant RPC services while maintaining affordable prices.

About us

Our cofounders have an extensive track record of actively contributing to all things POKT-related including both protocol and application development, with notable projects like LeanPokt (which reduced network costs by over 99%) and Chocolate Rain (a security vulnerability discovered and fixed by us), session rollover, PocketJS contributions, and overall technical advisor for the entire network. This experience led our team to push for multiple gateways into the ecosystem and ultimately as the second gateway actor within the Network.


We have been operating chain nodes since early 2021, and currently support over 21 chains, with more on the way. Our entire fleet runs redundant nodes across multiple geographic regions to ensure optimal uptime and performance. We also have automated advanced monitoring and alerts of all our infrastructure, block sync times, and latency to let us know our systems are running reliably.

We conducted load testing on our endpoints using Paradigm's Flood - an industry-standard benchmarking tool - to determine their 90th-percentile latencies. For more information on our benchmarking process, visit

Public RPC

As of November 2023, Nodies is now the sole provider of public RPC on behalf of Pocket Network. We believe in the importance of providing these endpoints a public good, and we are committed to expanding public endpoints to additional chains as needed. For more information on public endpoints, visit here.


Free Tier / PAYG -

Our Free Plan enables developers to create dedicated endpoints with very high throughput, and we offer a generous amount of FREE requests at 15m per user per month. For overages, we charge a Pay-As-You-Go rate of $0.0000045 per request. To get started, head over to and create an account using your email, Gmail, Github, or Metamask (coming soon) logins.

Enterprise -

For developers with substantial RPC demands or specialized needs, we can collaborate to design a customized Enterprise Plan with a private endpoint. With this plan, you can enjoy competitive pricing that starts at just $0.0000034 per request, and it scales to accommodate higher request volumes. Contact us at [email protected] to explore further cost-effective options for your specific needs.

Customer Support

Visit our Docs page ( for detailed information on our RPC services. You can also contact us via the following:

Contact form -

Email - [email protected]

Discord -

Telegram - @giantfrog

For our Free Plan / PAYG users, we offer direct support via the aforementioned methods; our response time is within 24 hours, although it is usually much shorter.

For our Enterprise customers, you will be appointed a dedicated account manager you can reach at all times; our response time is within 1-3 hours during normal business hours.

Learn more?

Visit NodiesDLB's docs.

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