Earn Your Vote


The Pocket Network DAO onboarding process is meticulously crafted to delegate governance powers to the most active, informed, and seasoned members of our community.

Steps to Obtain Your Vote

Step 1: Get Qualified


Demonstrate your understanding and involvement in the Pocket Network by earning trophies.

Paths to Qualification:

  • App Developers

  • Node Runners

  • Community Shepherds

  • Governor/Contributors


  • Embark on your chosen path, completing a series of quests.

  • Report your completed quests in the 🏆trophies channel on Discord.

  • Follow the path guides to track your progress and necessary quests for evolution.

  • Upon reaching the 3rd level on any path, type !qualify in the 🏆trophies channel to earn the Qualified role.

Step 2: Get Verified


Gain verification by our current Voters and secure the Verified role.


  • Post a selfie in the #✅verify channel with your Discord username and the current date written on a piece of paper.

  • Use the template below and post a message in the #✅verify channel:


My favorite thing about Pocket Network:
Why I want to be a Voter:
  • Upon posting, if you gain approval from 33% of existing Voters within 7 days, you will be officially verified.

Step 3: Claim Your Vote


  • Type !claim-vote in the 🏆trophies channel, given that you have both Qualified and Verified roles.

  • Then DM jackal to claim your POKTDAO token airdrop (our airdrop bot is currently out of commission).

The POKTDAO token is non-transferable. Please ensure you use a MetaMask or WalletConnect wallet that you intend to keep indefinitely.

Step 4: Vote and Subscribe


  • Access our governance dashboard and connect the wallet containing your POKTDAO token to vote.

  • Subscribe to 📥proposals (by clicking Follow) to stay updated on all governance matters.

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