Building an online protocol requires people to both build the shiny new thing and maintain what's been built. Many of our tools, like block explorers, wallets, and bridges, require regular updates and maintenance.

Any individual or team can apply to serve as a Maintainer by posting a proposal in the Build category in the Discourse forum. Approval lies with PNF. In making its decision, PNF will consider your historical impact (reputation) and relevant expertise/skills as evidenced by previous work.

Payment is made monthly. The applicant should propose a pay rate; there is no ceiling. PNF might counter with a lower rate. The application should include a wallet address for POKT and one for ETH.

PNF uses a new impact evaluation and reporting tool called Karma Gap. Maintainers are asked to open a grant in Karma here to track their work.

See the list of active maintainers.

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