Multi-Signature Transactions


Multi-signature accounts allow for multiple individual accounts to join into one account
transactions for the multi-signature accounts require all members of the multi-signature account
to sign the transaction message.

For DAO member, make sure you have reviewed and understand the pre-requites before continuing. If you are a node operator, please review the node reference guide to make sure you understand the interworking of the pocket network.

Before You Dive In:

Whenever you are creating a multi-signature account or transaction, it's important to know, you will need to remember the order in which the public keys have been originally creating the multi-signature account.

When creating a multi-signature account, it doesn't save it in your key base since it stores multiple private keys.

Creating an Multi-Sig Account:

To create a multi-signature account:

pocket accounts create-multi-public <ordered-comma-separated-hex-pubkeys>

## Example
pocket accounts create-multi-public "883cc39e7f73259b4d5cb601a3251911373e6c10221e5f3b81c321caf5d16403,6047cca57f58f55bbe1e0c829c09d513986344d0081e832af18ad99517fc5c99"

##  Returns:
Sucessfully generated Multisig Public Key:
       With Address:

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Multi-Signature Transactions

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