Survey Questions Template

INTERNAL NOTE: This page is an internal page for review of the survey questions only. Luma doesn't allow for custom survey's and collection of survey results. I created a survey form on Tally, that will link to a POAP website to mint the DePIN Drinks POAP. The POAP website redirect URL will be added to Tally form settings, once the POAP design is completed and uploaded to POAP website.

The survey is a standard survey to be used for all on-going DePIN Drinks events. Survey results can be sorted by event date and location (city and country).

  1. What was the date and location of the event that you attended? (short form boxes (2) - date & city and country)

  2. What aspects of the DePIN Drinks event did you enjoy the most? (long form box)

  3. Is there anything you think could be improved for future events? (long form box)

  4. On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate the overall quality of the event? (1 = Needs Improvement, 5 = Excellent)

  5. How likely are you to recommend future POKT Network events to a colleague or friend? (1 = Not Likely, 5 = Very Likely)

  6. What DePIN projects would you want to learn about at future events? (long form box)

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