Mid-sized Events

Hosting a Mid-sized Event can be an event from 30-150 attendees, and with a larger budget than a Mini event, you can will be able to spend more on your venue, food and drinks and be able to offer merchandise as a thank you to your speakers and two of your attendees.

With a larger budget, you can be more creative with your food and drink budget. Pizza or any finger food is recommended, and you can even have your menu catered. Beer, and no alcohol options are available to you.

You will use the simple meeting agenda template with no more than two speakers.

What to consider ⭐

  • Larger size room

  • Access to parking and public transit

  • Layout - good visibility

  • Wi-Fi

  • Building heating and cooling


Before, During and After the Event


Four weeks before:

Three weeks before:

Two weeks before:

One week before:

One day before:

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