Voting Rubric

A Rubric is provided to help assess impact using evidence provided by the projects. The rubric is scored 1-5 across a number of dimensions. Voters should consider that projects:

  • Scoring mostly 5 across the dimensions might be considered for the Highest Impact tier

  • Scoring mostly 4 across the dimensions should be considered for the High Impact tier

  • Scoring mostly 3 across the dimensions should be considered for the Medium Impact tier

  • Scoring mostly 2 across the dimensions should be considered for the Low Impact tier

  • Scoring mostly 1 across the dimensions should be considered No Impact and excluded.

Below are the rubrics for each category. An excel version is linked here

Protocol Category

CriterionScore 1Score 2Score 3Score 4Score 5

Contribution to Main Code Sources

No identifiable contributions to main code sources.

Minor bug fixes or very small contributions.

Notable contributions that enhance module functionality.

Significant code contributions that greatly improve system performance.

Transformative contributions that are central to major releases or features.

Contribution to Dependencies

No contributions or negative impact on dependencies.

Minimal contributions to dependencies with limited impact.

Notable contributions improving several dependencies.

Major enhancements to dependencies that significantly enhance integration and performance.

Critical and extensive contributions to dependencies, pivotal for protocol operations.

Metrics of Impact

No metrics provided to demonstrate impact.

Minimal metrics provided, showing limited impact.

Adequate metrics showing clear improvement (e.g., downloads, forks).

Strong metrics demonstrating significant usage and dependency improvements.

Comprehensive metrics showcasing widespread adoption and critical enhancements.

Impact on POKT Protocol

No measurable impact on the POKT protocol.

Minor impact with limited enhancements to the protocol.

Moderate impact improving protocol efficiency or stability.

Significant impact leading to major improvements in protocol performance.

Exceptional impact that fundamentally advances the protocol's capabilities.

Beyond Funded Scope

No impact beyond initially funded scope.

Minimal additional contributions beyond funded work.

Moderate additional impact beyond funded scope.

Significant extra contributions delivering substantial impact beyond the scope.

Exceptional and transformative contributions that substantially exceed the funded scope.

Evidence of Contribution

No evidence or documentation provided.

Minimal evidence such as basic documentation or a few commits.

Solid evidence including pull requests and detailed commit history.

Extensive evidence with links to impactful pull requests, commits, and discussions.

Compelling and comprehensive evidence with extensive documentation supporting significant contributions.

Significance of Contribution

Contributions have minimal significance or technical depth.

Contributions have some significance, impacting a few features.

Contributions are fairly significant with clear technical depth.

Contributions are highly significant, impacting major aspects of the protocol.

Contributions are of critical significance, fundamentally transforming the protocol.

Ecosystem Category

CriteriaScore 1Score 2Score 3Score 4Score 5

Impact on POKT Token and Stack Utilization

Little to no impact on POKT token and stack utilization

Minimal impact on POKT token and stack utilization

Some impact on POKT token and stack utilization

Significant impact on POKT token and stack utilization

Transformational impact on POKT token and stack utilization

Enhancement of POKT Stack Experience

Minimal enhancement of POKT stack experience

Some enhancement of POKT stack experience

Moderate enhancement of POKT stack experience

Substantial enhancement of POKT stack experience

Significant and innovative enhancement of POKT stack experience

User Reach

Limited user reach

Minimal user reach

Moderate user reach

Wide user reach

Extensive user reach

Importance to Ecosystem

Insignificant importance to the ecosystem

Minor importance to the ecosystem

Moderate importance to the ecosystem

Major importance to the ecosystem

Critical importance to the ecosystem

Evidence of Contribution

Little to no evidence of contribution provided

Minimal evidence of contribution provided

Some evidence of contribution provided

Substantial evidence of contribution provided

Comprehensive evidence of contribution provided

Adoption Category

CatagoryScore 1Score 2Score 3Score 4Score 5

Campaign Execution and Outreach

No measurable increase in awareness

Minimal increase in awareness; basic outreach efforts with limited creativity.

Moderate increase in awareness through well-planned campaigns.

Significant increase in awareness due to highly effective and innovative campaigns.

Highly effective campaigns that significantly boost awareness, employing creative and impactful strategies.

Community Engagement and Growth

No noticeable impact on community growth or engagement.

Slight increase in community engagement without significant growth.

Noticeable improvement in community engagement; moderate growth.

Substantial growth in community engagement; high levels of new participant involvement.

Exceptional community engagement, leading to measurable and substantial growth with active participation.

Impact and Adoption Metrics

No significant data to show increases in adoption rates.

Small improvements in adoption rates, poorly supported by data.

Moderate increase in adoption rates, supported by clear data.

High increase in adoption rates, well-supported by comprehensive metrics.

Significant increase in adoption rates with detailed metrics demonstrating broad and sustained user uptake.

Quality of Submission

Submission lacks clarity and detail on activities.

Some details provided but lacks depth; some activities are not well-explained.

Clear and detailed submission that outlines all key activities and their outcomes.

Very detailed and clearly communicates all adoption-related activities.

Extremely detailed submission, offering clear and insightful explanations of successful strategies and their outcomes.

Evidence of Extra Impact

No evidence or mention of impact beyond initially funded work.

Minimal evidence of going beyond the scope of previously funded initiatives.

Adequate demonstration of additional impact beyond funded scope, with some evidence.

Strong evidence of significant extra impact, showing clear differentiation from funded work.

Clear and convincing evidence of additional impact that substantially exceeds the original project scope and funding parameters.

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