Event Type

There are three different event sizes.

This impacts budget, venue, requirements, and expectations: Small Events, Mid-Sized Events, and Large Events.

Here's an overview. 👇

Small EventsMid Size EventsLarge Events

For Whom

You're new to hosting events

You have some events experience

You're a pro at hosting events


8-30 Attendees

31-100 Attendees

>100 Attendees

Funding Available





Citizen Cred

Citizen Cred

Pre-Approval required. Must have hosted 2 successful Mid Size Events previously.

If you're just getting started with your first event as a host, we recommend you start with hosting a small event. If you have some experience organizing and hosting a couple of events in the past, the mid-sized event type would be an ideal event to choose. Both of these event types will give you the confidence to run your first and future successful events.

Hosting a larger event can be more complicated, and will require that you have several volunteers, especially if you have multiple speakers and activities at the event.

Pro tip: Regardless of the size of an event, keep it simple! is easier for you to manage, and for your attendees and speakers to participate. Don't over complicate things, and get a couple of friends to help.

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