What is Retro POKT Goods funding Round 1?

Retroactive funding is a novel mechanism for reducing the gap between impact and rewards through the introduction of a third variable - time.

For a high level overview, read our blog post POKT Network has been the recipient of retroactive rewards and is now redistributing these funds via our own retroactive grants program. POKT DAO wants to create a domino effect, ensuring funds aren't captured in companies or DAO treasuries but instead make their way into the hands of the people who directly created impact.


Retroactive funding focuses on three categories and each application can apply within only one category.

  1. Protocol This category is limited to applicants that have contributed to the POKT stack itself either through contribution to main code sources such as the Morse protocol or other dependancies.

  2. Ecosystem Applicants within this category should have created an impact over the ecosystem through creating meaningful tools and applications using the POKT stack or for POKT stack to further help with the usability of the protocol.

  3. Adoption This category includes applicants who have created awareness about Pocket Network, help with adaption of the system through support, discussions, leads, and etc or in general help Pocket Network in any other way to reach a broader audience.

Voters will assess the applicants impact based on the evidence provided, and applicants should provide as much qualitative and quantitative data that they can to demonstrate impact, such as:

  • How many dependents, stars, forks, downloads and etc. a project have?

  • How the applicant has effected the utilization of POKT token?

  • How much awareness was created and how many users or participants were touched?

  • How many users this applicant has affected and to what extent?

Retroactive rewards does not include users who have only contributed to the system through transactions and staking of POKT or wPOKT.

Keep in mind, this is a retroactive funding round and only applicants that have created impact before the submission deadline will be considered eligible (and no rewards for promises of future value or impact!).


The retroactive rewards pool will be made up of:

  • 60,000 OP

  • 60,000 ARB

  • 750,000 wrapped POKT

Each funded applicant will receive funding from all three pools proportionally.

Rewards will be streamed over the course of one month starting from the rewards date. Applicants are not obligated to complete KYC although the Pocket Network Foundation may withold rewards until KYC is provided as part of any risk assessment during the program.

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