Shannon Actors

All ideas outlined are likely to be subject to the passing of a DAO proposal. We're sharing here for transparency and to facilitate discussion.

The Shannon protocol upgrade will be a full revision of the POKT ecosystem, where builders of many kinds generate value from the value they create.

It achieves this by capturing value from the process of connecting applications with the ever expanding universe of data sources and services, and redistributing it to all of the value-creators in the ecosystem.

Everyone is incentivized to optimize their specific function, with the protocol coordinating the flows of work and incentives.

Key stakeholders include:

  1. Sovereign Applications - who stake for access to data sources

    • Able to build user clients that have access to a variety of data sources via a single POKT Network entry point

  2. Gateways - who acquire users by streamlining and simplify access to POKT Network

    • Able to provide access to POKT Network with additional UX features on top of the protocol itself

  3. Suppliers- who host the data sources

    • Able to host data sources without needing to focus on acquiring users

  4. Sources- who build the data layer

    • Able to build data sources without needing to provide all of the access infrastructure or acquire users

The Shannon upgrade will make POKT Network infinitely scalable, enables permissionless access, brings full interoperabiltiy with Cosmos and EVM, and supports improved tokenomics.

POKT Network is a DePIN project that is built for real value generation on every level of the data infrastructure space.

With the Shannon upgrade we will be able to foster an environment where all layers of the ecosystem can truly thrive. It incentivizes them to contribute to the network, thereby driving the network's growth, enhancing its offerings, and ultimately, generating substantial revenue for businesses and individuals.

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