PIP Migration


✅ Will be transferred over

🚫 Not Applicable

  • Either not used in Morse or not needed at all in Shannon and will be removed

🤔 TBD If Applicable (may or may not be transferred over)

PIPMorse (v0) SummaryShannon (v1)Additional Notes

Transferring App Stake w/o unstaking


Permissionless Apps & Gateways will eliminate the need for this.

Fixing and enabling MaxChains


MaxChains as we know it today will be eliminated as protocol-wide parameters.

Custom rewards per relay per chain/service

Built-in reward sharing

PIP-32 + PIP-33


Superseded by PIP-32 + PIP-33

Session rollover param, Tendermint DDoS & Block Size


Session rollover is addressed without the need of a param.

Gateway Burn

This will be implemented on-chain

Decentralized Altruist Network


Fixing session rollovers and having permissionless gateways removes the need for this

Foundation Director Change



Superseded by wPOKT and IBC

Transfer Stake


Superseded by PIP-24

Stake Weighted Node Selection


Superseded by PIP-22

Stake Weighted Servicer Rewards


There are some open (not complex) questions related how this will work w/ relay mining

Optimize Rewards Per Relay


PIP < 20

Too outdated to include here

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