Pocket Network Portal endpoints are designed to be compatible in any web3 library or environment that access an RPC URL. This means that getting up and started is a simple 2 step process.

Step 1 – Get an Endpoint

The first step to getting started using Pocket Network is to sign up for the Portal, create an application, and get the endpoint for the chain(s) that you need access to.

Head over to the Get an Endpoint page for full details of this process.

Step 2 – Plug it into your Application

There are many different reasons why a developer would need to access a blockchain in their application. Your Portal URL is designed to work directly in some of the existing frameworks and libraries that different developers would be interacting with.

UI and Interface Developers

If you’re building an interface to blockchain applications, a collection of examples of how to use your Portal endpoint is available under Popular Libraries.

Smart Contract Developers

If you’re a smart contract developer needing access to live chains in your development environment, a collection of how to of examples of how to leverage your Portal endpoint can be found under Smart Contract Environments.

Interacting Directly with the Chain

If you’re looking to access blockchain data directly, but aren’t using a framework or library, head over to our interactive API Documentation to see how to interact directly with the underlying blockchain API, either directly in your browser with your Portal endpoint, or through the code samples provided for each of the different supported requests.