Pocket Network is a pioneer in a new era of democratically-governed digital public goods. Our Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) means that you, our community, will control all aspects of our protocol and ecosystem.

Pocket uses off-chain governance because it’s the most flexible and future-proof way for us to organize our DAO. For more on our reasoning behind this, check out our Lean Governance Thesis.

To learn how to earn a vote in the DAO and decide the future of Pocket Network, see the section on trophies.


You don’t need a vote in the DAO to submit proposals or participate in discussions! Everyone is free to share their opinions. Head over to the forum to see what decisions are being debated.

To learn how to submit a proposal to the DAO, see the section on proposals.

All approved decisions get submitted to the blockchain by the Pocket Network Foundation, which is fully accountable to the DAO. To learn more about how this is, read the DAO Constitution and the Foundation’s Articles of Association.