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POKT Network's vision is to have the world’s digital infrastructure owned and governed by its users. This extends to people contributing to building POKT itself.
To contribute, the main requirements are to understand our POKT DNA and our DAO OS. You can read the linked docs or complete the quests within our credential system (which also help you start to earn governance power in POKT DAO). Find out more about our governance.

There are 5 ways to be an active contributor to POKT Network, with a focus on creating impact.
Bounties: We are constantly evolving the way we provide work opportunities from our DAO and Foundation. Join our discord to see all current bounties.
Quick Grants (formerly Sockets): DAO Citizens can access funding for experiments and new initiatives in a mostly permissionless way. This is a great way to get paid for filling a need in the ecosystem.
Maintainers: For anyone doing ongoing maintenance of tools or services that the DAO is funding; typically active contributors are selected by the Foundation or DAO for this based on reputation + impact history.
Retroactive Public Goods (RPG): We are currently iterating on our retroactive grant and funding mechanism, with our first funding round commencing in April 2024. Please keep an eye on the forum or our POKT twitter to find out more.
Open RFPs (formerly Open Priorities or POPs): The Pocket Network Foundation, along with the community, regularly open RFPs for the most important priority work in our ecosystem. This creates a credibly neutral way to allocate work across key priorities and allows new talent to enter the ecosystem in meaningful ways.
The above programs were first described in our GROW program in February 2023
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