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Bounties are specific, scoped work that POKT needs completed, which may be scoped by the Foundation, the Protocol Team, the DAO or anyone working on POKT projects.
Many of these will be good for junior or new participants in our ecosystem to build their Proof of Impact. We intend for these to be paths to additional work within the community - one can envision their journey starting by completing bounties, having an idea from their learnings and opening a quick grant, and with continued impact delivered becoming a core contributor being funded from the DAO.
Taking inspiration from dework (and their docs explain a lot of the mechanisms we’ve adopted), we’ll be running our grants in discord, optimizing for quick changes without the overhead of another tool. If it becomes cumbersome, we’ll revisit outside tooling for bounties.
Some of you may recall IDEAS. As a continued effort, if individuals or teams want to request bounties, please fill in the required template under the pinned IDEAS/SUGGESTIONS topic. At PNF we'll review & work with the community to identify if this is a good spend for the DAO, and then open it up as a bounty to the community.

Bounty Details

Bounty Types

There are different types of bounties:
  • Assigned
    • Used to assign a bounty directly to a contributor; typically discussed in another forum but useful for payment + tracking publicly.
  • Open to Applications
    • All contributors will have to apply to the task before they can be assigned to it, and whoever has opened the bounty will be responsible for reviewing and assigning. There can be one or multiple winners.
  • Multiple Submissions
    • With this option any contributor can directly submit work without having to apply first or hold any specific role to get access. The person who opens the bounty should define if there will be one or multiple winners.

Bounty Status

An OPEN bounty means anyone can submit either an application or deliverable. The person who opened the bounty will always be responsible for approving and payment of the bounty.
An UNDER REVIEW bounty means that submissions are closed and the review is in progress.
A CLOSED bounty is locked and sticking around for transparency.

Bounty Submission

All materials must be delivered within the bounty board post, or linked to if applicable (e.g. a google drive folder, a URL, a notion page).
All submissions must meet all requirements, otherwise they’re automatically disqualified. All requirements should be CLEARLY LABELED and easily identified.

Bounty Payments

We’ll aim to make bounty payments on Mondays, within 10 days of bounty approval. They’re manual payments, and we’re a team who works all over the globe, so this is our aim but won’t always be the case. Please have patience if it takes a day or two longer!
Bounty Eligibility
Currently bounties are open to anyone. In the future we’re going to play with the mechanism that requires citizenship, but for now bounties are a great place to get started with minimal barrier to entry.

Bounty Template

This is a template, please feel free to modify to your specific case. Copy-pasta to your discord post, you'll need to manually bold headings.
[Detailed description of the work to be done]
[choose one, and single or multiple winners]
  • Assign Someone
  • Open to Applications
  • Multiple Submissions
All submissions must meet the qualifications to be eligible.
[Any requirements here, such as Citizenship, skills, or reputation. Include any deliverable requirements such as specs for visual designs, length or formats.]
[Due date, if applicable]
Bounty wPOKT value
[choose one]
  • Fixed Budget of XX wPOKT
  • Open to Bids
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