What's Pocket Core MVP?

Minimum Viable Pocket

Pocket Core MVP is the first implementation of the Pocket Network, which allows coordination between software applications and nodes running blockchain infrastructure.

For App Developers

  • Abstracts the complexity of running blockchain infrastructure.
  • Uses a Trusted Dispatch Node that fetches available nodes and routes the desired data from external blockchains.
  • Requires a simple plugin, complemented with Pocket SDK clients (Android, iOS,
    Javascript), to provide specific request/response parsing for any blockchain.
  • Allows access to reliable node infrastructure.
  • Goes through a quick whitelisting process for access to blockchain infrastructure.

For Service Nodes

  • Runs Pocket Core (Pocket Network’s core client), which connects to any blockchain
    infrastructure that has an HTTP endpoint.
  • Can run any desired blockchain.
  • Nodes register with the Trusted Dispatch Node to become eligible for participation in the
  • Goes through a quick whitelisting process to become a node in the infrastructure system.

Please see below for a graphical representation of the network, or click here to learn how MVP works:

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What's Pocket Core MVP?

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