Developer Overview

When you register your application on the Pocket Network, you can connect and relay data to any blockchain that are currently supported by our protocol. Reaping the benefits of a redundant-by-design, decentralized architecture you can rest assured that your application will be run without any single points of failure.

Obtaining Throughput:

In order to access the Pocket Network as well as its resources. Developers have to stake the native POKT token to register their application account on the Pocket Network. The amount of tokens staked determines the number of API requests your application can send. In order to start sending a relay on the Pocket Network, you need a minimum of 1 POKT token which is locked for a minimum of 21 days.

If you would like to get started with testing the Pocket Network, click here to start using the Pocket Core Command Line Interface(CLI).

Learn more about obtaining test POKT tokens to stake on the Pocket Network.

Using Our Libraries

We currently offer a Javascript-Web3-Provider that allows you to connect to Ethereum, OAN(AION), and Lightstreams.

If you are trying to connect to other blockchains, or you want to be able to send a custom relay, you can use our core Pocket JS library.

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Developer Overview

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