Pocket Node Overview

Pocket Nodes provide the means for applications to relay their data to their desired blockchain(s) as well as keeping the network secured.

The Pocket Node is broken down into two concurrent modules: Dispatch and Service

  • Dispatch module is the first point of contact that the application interacts with. It is the dispatch module that appoints 5 random nodes from the network and then services that request.

  • Service module does the actual relay of the request, whether its reading or writing data, to its desired blockchain.

As a Proof-of-Stake blockchain, each Pocket Node will be rewarded for every transaction and relay that it services in a session. To participate in the network, all nodes must have a minimum amount of POKT staked before participating, this stake is their incurred risk; a percentage of their staked POKT will be burned and Pocket Node would be jailed if the protocol’s rules are not followed.

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Pocket Node Overview

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