DAppNode Setup


This tutorial is for those who wishes to use DAppNode to deploy their Service Node. This is achieved by using the Pocket Core DNP, hosted here.


  • A computer running DAppNode.
    • For more instructions on how to install DAppNode click here, or you can get a DAppNode box in their shop here.
  • A Service Node GID.
  • Familiarity with the DAppNode Admin UI
  • A public static IP address:
    • Note: It is absolutely necessary for your DAppNode to have a static IP address applications can connect to, if your DAppNode is inaccessible, it will be kicked out of the network and won't be able to serve application requests.

How to install the Pocket Core DNP:

  1. Head over to the DNP installation page on your DAppNode, by clicking here.
  1. In the search bar, enter the Package name:

    • Name: pocket-core.public.dappnode.eth
  2. In the search result page, just click the Install button as seen below:

You're done with the installation!

How to configure the Pocket Core DNP:

To get your brand new Pocket Core node connected to the Pocket Network:

  1. Head over to the Pocket Core DNP page on your DAppNode by clicking here.
  2. Fill out the Environment variables form with your Service Node information(as shown below) and click Update environment variables:

Understanding Each Field

You can customize your node environment by defining the following parameters:


The unique identifier for all of your Service Nodes instances. This GID will be provided by the
Pocket team and will serve as a means of authentication for the Trusted MVP Dispatch Node. To learn how to request your GID, click here.



Default request timeout (in ms) to use when doing network requests (defaults to 0)



The static IP or domain name that points to your DAppNode.

Example: POCKET_CORE_SERVICE_IP=123.456.789.0


The port to be used to connect using your POCKET_CORE_SERVICE_IP . Make sure this port is open so applications can connect to your Service Node succesfully.


  1. Click Browse to import your chains.json file.

  2. Upload the file into the datadir directory(as seen in the image below).


1. Not Found Display

When you enter in the Name in the search box and come across this screen:

Not Found

Not Found

Just click on the Search button and it will take you the correct screen.

Note: You get the not-found screen, wait a while for IPFS propagation.

2. Timeout Expired Notification

When downloading the package before installation, you may see a error message saying Error: Can't download pocket-core.public.dappnode.eth image: Timeout expired at Timeout.setTimeout [as _onTimeout]. If this occurs, then give wait 30min and try again to see if the IPSF propagated correctly on the network.

What's Next

In order to participate using MVP, it is mandatory for node operators to register your GID upon configuring your Service Node.

Request your GID

DAppNode Setup

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