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wPOKT on Uniswap

With the launch of POKT's wrapped ERC20 token (wPOKT) you can also now access wPOKT via Uniswap. This is the easiest way to enter our ecosystem.
Note: you can also act as an Liquidity Provider in the wPOKT/ETH liquidity pool.


You can find up to date information on where to buy the POKT token on CoinMarketCap.
Primary exchanges for POKT at the moment are KuKoin and
Note: you can’t stake POKT from exchanges, you need to withdraw to your wallet.

Over-the-Counter (OTC)

Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading desks are white-label markets operated by trusted intermediaries who match buyers and sellers. They are typically used for large volume trades.
The POKT community has a number of OTC desks which can be found here.
Last modified 4d ago