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Wrapped POKT (wPOKT)

What is wPOKT?

Wrapped POKT (wPOKT) is an Ethereum ERC-20 token backed 1:1 by POKT.
  • The correct token contract address is 0x67F4C72a50f8Df6487720261E188F2abE83F57D7 which you can see on Etherscan here.
  • The MintController address is 0x0d006D9e862B362180eb602e5973Fd1fdb6f78dd
  • The DAO’s SAFE address for wPOKT is 0x2f16615234827eE4dF14d02d40C24E6a258dD360
You can see the latest information for wPOKT on

What are the benefits of wPOKT?

By having a representation of POKT in the Ethereum ecosystem, we enable:
  • the interoperability of Pocket Network with best-in-class DeFi and DAO tooling and infrastructure
  • improved liquidity and access to POKT
Enabling these benefits has the potential to unlock financial legos, such as streaming payments, DAO budgeting, and other integrations that will help the DAO to scale and onboard new contributors. Additionally, wPOKT as a programmatic primitive can be the foundation for more sophisticated Pocket products in the future.

How does wPOKT maintain 1:1 value with POKT?

While the price for wPOKT may diverge from the price of POKT from time to time, as a result of market pressures on supply and demand wherever wPOKT and POKT are each traded - for example, on Uniswap for wPOKT and Gate/Kucoin for POKT - you will always be able to swap each wPOKT token for one POKT token, and vice-versa. This is because to mint wPOKT, POKT is first locked in the bridge vault and the corresponding amount of wPOKT is minted, so that the wPOKT token supply exactly equals the number of locked POKT. When wPOKT is swapped back for POKT, the wPOKT is burned, maintaining the 1:1 relationship.

How do I wrap my POKT?

Head over to the wPOKT bridge, check out the bridging tutorial below, or refer to the bridging FAQ for any questions.

Section Contents

Guidance for bridging your POKT to Ethereum & back.
How-to for bridging your POKT to Ethereum & back.
Guidance for liquidity pool staking for your wrapped POKT.
Guidance for liquidity pool staking for your wrapped POKT.
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