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Once the Shannon upgrade is live (targeting H1 of 2024), it will be fully permissionless to set up a new Gateway to POKT Network's decentralized infrastructure.
In the meantime, we're looking at ways to accelerate the development of the Gatewayverse.

Who should build a POKT Gateway?

There are various situations in which it may make sense to build a Gateway.
  • You have an existing RPC business and want to tap into the cost, uptime, scalability, and wide range of chains that POKT Network offers.
  • You are a DAO tooling company and want to add RPC services to your existing offering.
  • You are neither of the above but have experienced devs who can manage the friction of dealing directly with the protocol and want to offer RPC services.

What are you options for building a Gateway?

This is a new area that we are building out, so there are a few different options depending on your timings and resources.
These include:
  • Gateway as a Service: white-label the services of one of our existing Gateways, but let them manage interactions with the protocol and provide additional QoS and features.
  • Open Source Gateway Stack: from late December / early January you will be able to use the open source Gateway Stack that Nodies are currently building to work with POKT Network Foundation to build your own Gateway and connect directly to the protocol.
  • Permissionless Gateways: the Shannon upgrade will massively reduce friction and will make creating a Gateway permissionless - testnet is expected in Feb and mainnet in Q2.
TL;DR this is a new area for us and there are a lot of moving parts.
Please get in touch with one of the Foundation on Discord if you feel you're in a position to explore this and would like to discuss.
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