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About Gateways

If blockchains are vast repositories of data, and we’re the network of pipes that move that data around the Web3 ecosystem, Gateways are the taps that make it easy for you to stream RPCs.

The Modular RPC Ecosystem

POKT Network provides a battle-tested Protocol and Node Network.
Gateways build on top of POKT Network's RPC base layer to abstract the integration complexities of the protocol and deliver you the best service. This includes optimizing Quality of Service and building value-add features, such as analytics, alerts, team management, and much more to come.
This is what we're working towards:

The History of Gateways

The first Gateway, Grove (formerly known as Pocket Network Inc) was built to remove the friction involved in connecting directly to the Protocol. This convenience catapulted POKT Network's RPC traffic into Billions per day.
We soon realized that fostering a gateway ecosystem would be the most effective way to balance ease of use for developers with self-sovereign infrastructure for those who want it, all while optimizing POKT's quality of service.
In October 2023 we announced the launch of our second Gateway, built by Nodies. Nodies was founded by ex-AWS engineers with a long history of contributing to POKT Network . Development of their Gateway Kit is being open-sourced to lower the barrier to entry for future gateways.
In 2024, with the POKT Network protocol's Shannon upgrade, creating a Gateway will become fully permissionless, meaning that anyone will be able to self-host their access to POKT Network.
Watch this space.
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