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Our Governance is based on participation, 1 person 1 vote. Gini coefficient of 0 (perfect equality).
We may well be the only revenue generating protocol not to be dominated by governance whales.
Today we are building on that strength to roll out a modular approach to governance that will enable us to:
  • close gaps in representation
  • reduce friction in claiming your vote
  • recognise differences in our different stakeholder groups
To dig into the details, take a look at our Lean Governance Thesis.

Current System

To learn how to earn a vote in the DAO and decide the future of Pocket Network, see the section on trophies.
You don’t need a vote in the DAO to submit proposals or participate in discussions! Everyone is free to share their opinions. Head over to the forum to see what decisions are being debated.

Modular Governance

We're rolling out our latest upgrade in modules.
We expect to have all modules shared, approved and implemented by mid-December.
Watch this space. We’ll bring it all home by Christmas.
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