How to Contribute

Submit an RFP – Highlight a Need

An RFP is a Request for Proposal. You would use this when you know that something is needed but you are unsure of exactly what the solution is or are unable to build it yourself. Posting an RFP should serve as a signal to other community members that there might be demand for their contributions.
For example, this Node Deployment Solutions RFP which led to the successful PEP (POKT grant) for an automated deployment tool called Node Pilot.
To submit an RFP, head to the RFP forum category and click New Topic.

Submit a PEP – Earn a POKT Grant for Your Work

A PEP is a type of proposal that requests a POKT grant from the DAO treasury. You could get a POKT grant for contributions to the Pocket Network ecosystem.
Read more about submitting a proposal.
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