NodeWallet is currently the best maintained online wallet for POKT. Open-source and browser-based, it was built by Decentralized Authority, the team behind Node Pilot. NodeWallet was started as a Pocket Open Priority (POP) project funded by the Pocket Network Foundation.

Video Guide:

NodeWallet has a "Stake" button that allows users to non-custodially stake with any participating node operator.

NodeWallet features:

  • Universal seed phrase importer (you can import seed phrases from other popular wallets, so you don’t need a POKT-specific seed phrase for POKT addresses)

  • Keyfile and private key importer

  • Generate multiple POKT addresses within one NodeWallet wallet

  • wPOKT Bridge compatible

  • Open source with plug-in design to make it contributor friendly for adding features and expanding to other networks

  • Utilizes argon2id + AES-256 GCM for quantum secure encryption

  • All wallet data is encrypted then stored using, as is standard for Chrome extension data storage

Install NodeWallet directly from the Chrome Store here.

For more information on how to use NodeWallet, see the NodeWallet documentation.

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