Pocket Wallet

A complete guide to using Pocket Wallet

With an open-source interface, Pocket Wallet allows you to easily send, receive, and non-custodially stake your POKT tokens.

Creating a Pocket Wallet

Video Guide:

1. Visit the Pocket Wallet website

Using any browser, navigate to https://wallet.pokt.network. Click Create to start the process of setting up a new wallet.

2. Create your wallet:

Next, enter a passphrase (password). This passphrase can be used to decrypt the keyfile that will be created in the next step.

Make sure your passphrase has no fewer than 8 characters, a mixture of letters and numbers including at least one uppercase letter and at least one special character, e.g., ! @ #

After entering your passphrase, click Create to move to the next step.

3. Save your Keyfile:

This is a vital step that ensures you don’t lose access to your tokens. Make sure to back up your keyfile and save your passphrase securely.

Once you've downloaded the keyfile, press Continueto complete the wallet-creation process.

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