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About POKT Network

Our focus here is to give you more of a sense about 'who' we are. For us, that starts with our Why. But please jump ahead to our How (our Thesis) and our When (our Roadmap) if you prefer.
Or, for performance headlines, jump back to Welcome to POKT Network.


We believe that the economies of the future will run on blockchain technology and we want the infrastructure that powers that to be owned by users, not corporations.


  • Decentralized Supply: Our network of node operators has all the resilience and uptime of a naturally diverse ecosystem, vs the centralized monoculture of many competitors. There’s a reason that Bitcoin is the only online service that has enjoyed 100% uptime for 10 years. And POKT Network has 17k node operators, distributed over 22 countries, all running their own systems and setups.
  • Decentralized Governance: We may be the only revenue generating protocol whose governance isn’t driven by purely by token weighted voting. We have a gini co-efficient of 0 (perfect equality), notable participation rates, and we are rolling out upgrades to build on this strength as we enfranchise other stakeholder groups.
  • Decentralized Capital Markets: POKT is the utility token that powers the network. It is important for it to be highly liquid in order for the network to function properly; that is, so node operators can sell some of their tokens to cover their costs, and so users and investors can always buy some tokens to use and capitalize the network.
    Making sure there are many ways and places to trade, including decentralized exchanges, helps solve this problem. That’s why the introduction of wPOKT was such a key milestone for the project. By bridging to Ethereum we make the token far more accessible.
  • Decentralized Demand: POKT Network is a p2p RPC base layer that developers / applications access via access points called Gateways. Each Gateway is effectively its own RPC business but, instead of building their own underlying infrastructure, they plug into POKT Network. Imagine if anyone could build a ride-hailing app on top of Uber’s database and systems.
    By decentralizing Gateways we increase innovation and unlock censorship resistance.


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