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About POKT Network

This section contains a little context about what we do, how you can access POKT Network, why we do what we do , and what we're planning to do next (our roadmap).


POKT Network are the RPC base layer, or universal RPC infrastructure.
As of today, we incentivize and coordinate a decentralized network of operators to run a type of blockchain node (an RPC node) that enables applications to read / write to blockchains.
With one connection developers can access data form 50+ chains, with low cost and high resilience.
We've been building since 2017 and operating on mainnet since 2020. In that time we've served almost 700 Billion, through thousands of nodes across 22 countries.
In the future POKT Network's protocol could serve any open data source.


To access POKT Network decentralized infra, you need to go through a 'Gateway'.
This reduces friction when interacting with the protocol and also enables businesses to build on top of our robust RPC base layer, while optimizing QoS and innovating to bring new features and services to you and to our ecosystem.
Once the Shannon Upgrade launches it will become permissionless to build a Gateway on our infrastructure, including the ability to deploy a Gateway directly for a specific application if that is how you prefer to access the protocol.
For more on Gateways, see here.


We believe that the economies of the future will run on blockchain technology and we want the infrastructure that powers that to be owned by users, not corporations.


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