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Morse is still live on MainNet but the final update was pushed in February 2024. There will be no further development as we now focus on the launch of Shannon.
The repository for Morse can be found in the github respository.

About Morse

Since launch in July 2020 the live protocol has served almost 700bn relays across 50+ chains, through a network of c.15k nodes in 22 countries.
It was built on top of the Tendermint framework within the Cosmos ecosystem. However, it has since evolved and we have made significant modifications to the original Tendermint codebase to optimize our specific use case.
We scaled to become the largest Tendermint network, with over 27,000 nodes, exceeding Tendermint's built-in capacity of 10,000 nodes.
There have been several major upgrades and improvements in that time.

A Brief History of Morse

Here is a brief overview of some of the major developments:
  • July 2020: POKT Network launched on mainnet, providing a decentralized alternative to full node infrastructure.
  • Oct 2022: GeoMesh deployed, this community contribution allows all node-runners to take advantage of relay traffic worldwide without having a full Pocket Node at these locations.
  • Jan 2023: LeanPOKT deployed, another community contribution that reduced computational resources required for node operation by nearly 99%, increasing cost-effectiveness and accessibility.
  • Sept 2023: new paramenter to allow rewards to be adjusted on a per-chain basis, paving the way for POKT Network to serve more complex API endpoints, including open source AI LLMs.

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